Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thank you for responding to my call...

The call to prayer is consistent through the many years of messages Our Lady has been giving to the world via the Medjugorje seer Marija.

Both her two messages to Marija this year – in January and February – have opened with the call to prayer. It’s top of the list of all that Our Lady would want us to set out to do.

Last Sunday, in his final Angelus address, Pope Benedict XVI said: “Meditating on this Gospel passage (Second Sunday of Lent, Luke 9 : 28-36), we can draw a very important teaching from it. First of all, the primacy of prayer, without which the entire commitment of ministry and charity is reduced to activism...”

He also added: “I hear this Word of God addressed to me in a special way at this moment of my life. The Lord has called me to ‘scale the mountain’, to dedicate myself still more to prayer and meditation... Let us call upon the intercession of the Virgin Mary: May she help all of us to always follow the Lord Jesus, in prayer and in works of charity.”

And every time she speaks with us in her Medjugorje messages Our Lady always ends with the words: “Thank you for responding to my call.”

Prayer is the most important response she seeks from each of us. As Benedict XVI says: “prayer is primacy.”

Prayer leads to every other response. It’s the key that opens hearts. It’s a time of grace, a time for the soul, for the heart to open. It’s a time to prepare, a time to repair; a time to repent, a time to relent; it’s a time to reflect and a time to connect; it’s a time to believe, to ask and receive; a time to rest in God’s heart, to make a fresh start. Prayer is a time of grace.