Saturday, February 16, 2013

Of crosses and nails...

I’ve been handing out a few crosses this week – placing demands on others – and was also on the receiving end as well.

But what I have found helpful in these challenges is praying the Way of the Cross each day. If I didn’t, then I’m sure things could be a lot worse, for me and for others!

A short time in reflection at each station is, in my experience, the most powerful way of starting a conversation with Jesus. And when that happens, then the truth speaks loud and clear. There is no escaping the truth when I walk the Way of the Cross with Jesus. No kidology, no self delusion, no excuses. Just the plain, honest, home truth arrives in my heart at every station.

The walk is never the same and differs for each person. It’s a journey of self-discovery where the heart is opened and exposed to all the healing Jesus desires to give. It’s a time of being honest with oneself and others, allowing Jesus to share our burden and help carry our cross. It’s a time when Jesus teaches us how to bear the cross and be a Simon for others. More than anything else, the walk is a lesson in love – as Jesus loves.

It is said that when Jesus was nailed to the cross and then taunted by spectators to come down to prove he was the Son of Man, it wasn’t a demand he was able to meet – because he loved. To do so would be a denial of his love. So he chose to remain nailed and to bear his suffering before final death, not for his own salvation but for ours.

Sometimes we are invited to love in this way, to remain nailed on the cross for the sake of others, especially when “they know not what they do”.

Thank God, the Son of Man is strong and willing enough to bear the demands and crosses we impose on each other. But we have to walk with him and want to offer the burden, give up our demands, as well as taking our turn to be Simon.

Then we rediscover and are blessed by the Truth we may have forgotten or closed our hearts to during those ‘demanding’ times.