Friday, February 08, 2013

Bus operators may face new charges

Tour bus traffic has increased greatly over recent years in and around Medjugorje, mainly from Italy, and now the local Municipal authority is seeking to impose a short-stay charge on buses using the roads and parking in and around Medjugorje and Bijakovici. Revenue raised will be used to finance new local roads and maintain current transport infrastructure.

The proposed fee payable to cover a seven-day period is 25KM for buses with 9-14 seats, 50KM for 15-33 seats and 100KM for buses with seats of 34 or more. Proof of payment will be required to be clearly displayed on the vehicle windscreen. It is also proposed that any breach of the regulation should be liable for a fine up to 5,000KM.

A final decision on implementation of the draft proposal will be made after a public hearing on February 12.

Ten Konvertible Marks equate to:
$7, £4.50 and €5.